söndag 7 december 2014

En liten försmak av julen - Del 2

Till den andra advent har jag rotat fram en jul-smakbit ur The Time Traveler's Wife. (Som Audrey Niffenegger håller på att skriva en uppföljare till!!! Förväntansfull? Vem, jag???) 


Henry: It's a dark winter afternoon. I'm in the basement in Meadowlark House in the Reading Room. Clare has left me some food: roast beef and cheese on whole wheat with mustard, an apple, a quart of milk, and an entire plastic tub of Christmas cookies, snowballs, cinnamon-nut diamonds, and peanut cookies with Hershey's kisses stuck into them. I am wearing my favorite jeans and a Sex Pistols T-shirt. I ought to be a happy  camper, but I'm not. Clare has also left me today's South Haven Daily; it's dated December 24, 1988. Christmas Eve. This evening, in the Get Me High Lounge, in Chicago, my twenty-five-year-old self will drink until I quietly slide off the bar stool and onto the floor and end up having my stomach pumped at Mercy Hospital. It's the nineteenth anniversary of my mother's death.


A dos velas by melibeo, on Flickr

Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License   by  melibeo 

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