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En liten försmak av julen - Del 1

The Candle by Rickydavid, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License

   by  Rickydavid 

Första advent och jag tänkte försöka komma på fyra julskildringar jag gillar för att kunna bjuda på smakbitar under de här fyra söndagarna.

Den första som slog mig var den när Amelia i Guppies for Tea har checkat ut sin mormor från ålderdomshemmet för att hon ska få fira jul hemma:

     Christmas Eve morning was mild and misty. Dagmar rang the doorbell at Ashcombe and Amelia opened, snatching her inside. "Did anyone see you?"
     Dagmar looked offended. "Happy Christmas, Amelia. What do you mean, 'Did anyone see me?'"
     Amelia took her into the kitchen and Dagmar wrinkled her nose at the newly installed, leaded, dark oak cupboards that had replaced Selma's white and blue painted ones. "Ye olde yuk," she said, sitting down.
     When Amelia had finished explaining, Dagmar burst our laughing. Then she said, "How will you get her to go back?"
     Amelia was pouring water into Selma's silver coffee pot. "I don't know." She put the kettle at the side of the old beige Aga, left from Selma's days, and sat down. She smiled at Dagmar but she kept rubbing her forehead hard with her fingers. "I don't know," she said finally. "I just don't know."
     "But that's no good," Dagmar said, getting up and pouring herself a cup of coffee.
     "All right!" Amelia shouted. "I'll tell more lies, that's how I'll do it. I'll tell lies until I can't tell any more and then I'll have to drag her back and that'll destroy her and Sister Morris will tell me she always knew it would end like that, and you'll say something helpful like 'Amelia, that's no good', and bloody Uncle Robert will make a miraculous return to England just in time to tell me I should never have interfered. Of course the only person who won't come back is Henry because he really would be of some use and we can't have anything nice happen now, can we?"
     "Now you're being silly," Dagmar said.

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